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Product Portfolio

We only use the finest ingredients to deliver exceptional flavours. Taste matters! - Taste the Original 86 experience.

Major Stock Bases

Developed for chefs by chefs, Major’s concentrated stock bases are big on flavour and taste like own made stock because meat and vegetables are the primary ingredients. These versatile stock bases will deliver exceptional flavors with an authentic taste and aroma that will enhance all your recipes.

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Effluves & Quintessence Liquid Sauces

We created our premium demi-glace sauces for professional chefs in order to alleviate time and hard work in the kitchen. The quality of our sauces are second to none and provide our customers a rich flavor and smooth texture that can only be found in the finest restaurants.

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Effluves & Quintessence Premium Glace

Reduced by 90% of their initial volume, Eff­luves & Quintessence natural glaces are prepared in a labour intensive, traditional way to give you the richest and best tasting glace available anywhere. Kitchen chefs and food industry professionals will enjoy the ease of use, convenience and many practical ways to serve these glaces. The pure and intense 100% natural flavour will satisfy even the most demanding culinary expert.

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